President Shukri al-Quwatli Speech on 17 April 1946

My fellow countrymen…

Today, the bright sun of liberty shines on your homeland, so only your flag flutters and only your banner rises high in its skies. This is the day of righteousness, the day of proud independence, the day in which the occupier sees his schemes crumbling down. This is the day of great victory.

I congratulate our Nation and its people, young and old, Christians and Muslims. I congratulate the peasant for answering the homeland’s call, abandoning his field and taking up arms, fighting for the Nation and safeguarding his dignity. I congratulate the tireless worker for sacrificing himself for the homeland. I congratulate the student whose soul is brimming with pride and enthusiasm for the homeland.

I congratulate the teacher inciting national pride, the poet motivating the national spirit, and the author defending justice. I congratulate the merchant for closing down his shop to protest injustice and oppression I congratulate the neighbourhood watchman for answering the call to defend against aggressor. And I congratulate the woman for standing fast and never relinquishing her duties.


Shukri al-Quwatli, President of Syria.

Damascus, 17 April 1946.