"We shall remember ...... Damascus, the ‘Pearl of the East,’ the pride of Syria, the fabled garden of Eden, the home of princes and genii of the Arabian Nights, the oldest metropolis on Earth, the one city in all the world that has kept its name and held its place and looked serenely on while the Kingdoms and Empires of four thousand years have risen to life, enjoyed their little season of pride and pomp, and then vanished and been forgotten."

Mark Twin – American Novelist

"Damascus, is simply an oasis, that is what it is. For four thousand years its waters have not gone dry or its fertility failed. Now we can understand why the city has existed so long. It could not die. So long as its waters remain to it away out there in the midst of that howling desert, so long will Damascus live to bless the sight of the tired and thirsty wayfarer."

Mark Twin – American Novelist

Documentation Project

This project aims to survey government departments and private homes for documents and other material, such as pictures, manuscripts, correspondence, newspapers, books, and unpublished papers, which, taken together, could be considered a part of the historical heritage of the city of Damascus since 1860. When successful in locating said material, the Foundation then seeks to collect, preserve and catalog them in order to make such rich archive available for scholars, researchers, young academics and the general public.

Dimashq Journal for Historical Studies

Dimashq is a peer-reviewed inter-disciplinary academic journal published online in English twice a year (January & July). It welcomes original research on Damascus in the following themes: cultural studies, economics, anthropology, architecture, gender studies, religion and minorities, music and art, film, intellectual history, and politics.

Submissions need to have a short abstract explaining what their research is about and how they think it contributes to scholarly research on Damascus. Submissions will be reviewed anonymously by experts in the field and an Editorial Board. Publication is not guaranteed. Declined publications will be returned to the author.

The Fakhri al-Barudi Award for young Historians

The Baroudi Award for Young Historians is designed to encourage young scholars between the ages of 20 and 35 to conduct and submit original works of research on the many facets of the history of Damascus. Research papers will be evaluated by a select committee of historians and experts in order to detriment the winners, who will receive a financial reward, in addition to the publication of their research work.

Damascus History Library

The Damascus History Foundation is developing a comprehensive library dedicated to the contemporary history of Damascus. Books and journals will be available in three languages: Arabic, English and French. The library will also have a substantial newspapers archives, in addition to photographs and audiovisual material. The library’s collections will cover different facets of the city’s history including art, architecture, society, traditions politics, and economy.

Material for this library are currently being collected through donations from private individuals. Furthermore, the DHF has been collaboration with the American University of Beirut to obtain a variety of books, or copies of books, in order to enrich the Damascus History Library.

Damascus Social & Cultural Club

The Damascus Cultural and Social Club club aims introduce the city’s social history, customs, traditions and values ​​of its people to the younger generations using a variety of modern methods. The Club will host a number of events and activities including seminars, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and cultural events.

The Club also aims to create an atmosphere of entertainment and familiarity for its members and their families, by hosting events such as concerts, trips, receptions, and charity initiatives.

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